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August 2015

The Meaning of a Name

August 31, 2015
Whats in a name

God help me if I have children and need to choose a name to last their life time! Choosing a business name was quite a challenge for me. I’m getting better at making decisions – easy ones at least – but a business name is something I ummed and ahhed over for quite some time.

MakeLife Initiative was born up over a Sunday afternoon catch up with a couple of friends. MakeLife being a play on words, changing a couple of letters in my full name Madeline and represents the true purpose of what I am trying to achieve – MakeLife healthier, happier, more enjoyable and balanced. But I want this to be more than just making an individuals life better, because I think sharing health and happiness is so rewarding for us all, and hence Initiative was added. The Oxford Dictionary defines initiative as:

  1. The ability to assess and initiate things independently;
  2. The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do;
  3. An act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something.

Initiative fit perfectly – it means taking ownership of a situation, thinking about it differently and improving it in a creative way. I also believe an initiative is a force and can be a group of people motivating each other to work towards a common goal.

I hope you join me on my mission to make the world happier, healthier and hopefully a little less stressed. Enjoy the ride with me!

M x


August 31, 2015
Casual head shot

Welcome to my website and blog – MakeLife Initiative. I’m so excited to share lots of ideas, recipes and thought-provokers focussed on how we eat, move, think and live. In addition to my regular posts, on Sundays I’ll share an Ingredient of the Week – something easy to include in our day-to-day lives that increases our energy, balance and happiness.

I hope you enjoy!

M x