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September 2015

5 Secrets to Successful Goal Setting

September 30, 2015
Don't Quite Quote

Is 2015 your year to find a new job, get active, eat healthily, love more, have more fun…

Was 1 January the day to stop your partying and plan what you wanted to achieve this year? Did you set high goal posts for a year full of progress and getting ahead?

How are you tracking as we head into the last three months of the year? Congratulations if you’re on-track! But don’t be disheartened if you’re a little behind at this point in the year, there’s still time.

I set goals this year for the first time in many and I am very pleased to say I’m on-track!

How? I’m going to reveal a few secrets to my successful goal setting, but firstly I’ll share my goals: Read on…

Ingredient of the Week: Strength Training

September 27, 2015
Woman and Man Weights Training

What is it? Physical activity designed to improve muscular fitness using resistance to induce contraction of an individual or group of muscles. Popular resistance techniques include: free weights, weight machines, body weight, elastic tubing and medicine balls.

Benefits: Increases metabolism, endurance, bone density and stamina, lowers cholesterol and helps boost mood and self-confidence.

Fun fact: An individual muscle fibre is thinner than a human hair and can support 1,000 times it’s own weight!

How to: Sweat it out in a pump class, try pilates or yoga, include lunges or squats during your walk or meet a friend in the park for a circuit session.

3 Great Reasons to Travel

September 23, 2015
Beautiful Positano coast from water

I recently returned home from 4 weeks of travel in Europe and the UK. Each time I head off – either locally or abroad – I find the extra reflection time teaches me new lessons.
Here’s 3 of my key take outs from my latest jaunt –

Read on…