The Philosophy

Makelife on beach

Food is medicine
Movement generates energy
Mindfulness brings stillness
Health equals happiness
Authenticity creates simplicity

MakeLife Initiative aspires to provide you latest research, experiments & ideas to allow you to make more informed decisions that guide your way forward. Wellness & living is different for everyone, and each path has many twists and turns, so by empowering you with relevant information you can make choices that feel right for you.

The philosophy is to nourish your whole being – body, mind and soul. Truly living is about taking pleasure in the best of life, not just enduring each day.

MakeLife focuses on adding beneficial influences and routines, rather than punishing or feeling guilt for ‘bad’ habits. Crowd out the so-called negatives with behaviours that are true to our core and feeling the benefits.

MakeLife is not about cutting out all your vices – cocktails, chocolate, pasta, nights out with friends, lazy Sundays on the couch. MakeLife is balance. Balance cocktails with green juice. Enjoy chocolate after you nourish your body with greens. Dance the night away with friends and follow up with yoga in the morning. Combine pasta with veggies. Equalise Sunday couch time with a Monday jog. Balance is an essential ingredient in creating your wholesome life.