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MakeLife with Maddy Launch!!!

January 13, 2016
MakeLife with Maddy Launch

What better way to start the new year than introducing my packages and sharing what’s new in 2016 for MLi?!

First up, after spending the past year coaching clients and discovering what package structures work best and what support you all need, I am launching MakeLife with Maddy my coaching packages along with my food & lifestyle packages. My clients range from mid-twenties to sixties, are male & female, have diverse experiences, goals and challenges. I’ve helped people work through career goals or changes, build better relationships with themselves and loved ones, nourish their bodies and equally importantly their minds, along with much more. I really love helping people get more out of each day and strive towards the life they want, and am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to do so.

I’ll still be blogging and posting to my social media accounts regularly but a new project this year is to share some of my favourite resources, products, travel ideas and recipes with you. I am often asked for links to podcasts, blogs, articles, videos, books, and so on, so this year I will build up resources for you to access inspiration anytime in the form of “Friday Faves”.

I love hearing from you so please do not hesitate to get in touch and let me know what you love most and what you would like more of in the future.

Best wishes for the year ahead & thanks for joining me on this journey! I’d also really appreciate you sharing my website or social media with anyone who would gain inspiration to MakeLife wholesome and balanced.

M x

The Meaning of a Name

August 31, 2015
Whats in a name

God help me if I have children and need to choose a name to last their life time! Choosing a business name was quite a challenge for me. I’m getting better at making decisions – easy ones at least – but a business name is something I ummed and ahhed over for quite some time.

MakeLife Initiative was born up over a Sunday afternoon catch up with a couple of friends. MakeLife being a play on words, changing a couple of letters in my full name Madeline and represents the true purpose of what I am trying to achieve – MakeLife healthier, happier, more enjoyable and balanced. But I want this to be more than just making an individuals life better, because I think sharing health and happiness is so rewarding for us all, and hence Initiative was added. The Oxford Dictionary defines initiative as:

  1. The ability to assess and initiate things independently;
  2. The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do;
  3. An act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something.

Initiative fit perfectly – it means taking ownership of a situation, thinking about it differently and improving it in a creative way. I also believe an initiative is a force and can be a group of people motivating each other to work towards a common goal.

I hope you join me on my mission to make the world happier, healthier and hopefully a little less stressed. Enjoy the ride with me!

M x


August 31, 2015
Casual head shot

Welcome to my website and blog – MakeLife Initiative. I’m so excited to share lots of ideas, recipes and thought-provokers focussed on how we eat, move, think and live. In addition to my regular posts, on Sundays I’ll share an Ingredient of the Week – something easy to include in our day-to-day lives that increases our energy, balance and happiness.

I hope you enjoy!

M x