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Imperfection is happiness

June 19, 2016

Perfectionsim. It’s the antidote to happiness. It’s best friends with comparison. It’s all too common amongst both women & men. Most of my clients, but also many of my friends, spend their days striving for perfectionism.

I’m a recovering perfectionist. Just the other day I caught myself explaining that I’m not perfect at being imperfect – what a “perfect” oxymoron!! Old habits are hard to break & sometimes I find myself slumping back into modes where I’m striving for something that isn’t serving me, but for the most part I’m less concerned with this elusive thing we label “perfection”.

I’ve had countless people “admit” their perfectionist traits to me recently & I’ve noticed some common trends.
1. It seems to be something people are ashamed of but don’t know how to recover from.
2. It is deeply connected to comparison, particularly in a consumer society that spends so much time on social media.
3. It is closely intertwined with perception. Our perception of ourselves, our perception of others & even how we think others will perceive us! Read on…

5 Secrets to Successful Goal Setting

September 30, 2015
Don't Quite Quote

Is 2015 your year to find a new job, get active, eat healthily, love more, have more fun…

Was 1 January the day to stop your partying and plan what you wanted to achieve this year? Did you set high goal posts for a year full of progress and getting ahead?

How are you tracking as we head into the last three months of the year? Congratulations if you’re on-track! But don’t be disheartened if you’re a little behind at this point in the year, there’s still time.

I set goals this year for the first time in many and I am very pleased to say I’m on-track!

How? I’m going to reveal a few secrets to my successful goal setting, but firstly I’ll share my goals: Read on…